Sirkus Post

Sirkus Post is the new home for my original,instrumental music. A new album 'Alternative Tunings - Vol.1' is available, via download, on the Sirkus Post website. Vinyl and CD versions coming soon.

New Albums

Lots to look forward to in 2021, including a new instrumental album, my first in 6 years and the release of the new Del Amitri album, 'Fatal Mistakes' which I'm excited to say, includes a Currie/Dollimore song, 'Mockingbird, Copy Me Now'.

CD Offer - 3 CD's for just £20

Fantastic winter offer. Three CD's for only £20.

Buy 'Now Was The Time', 'No Ghosts In This House' and 'All Grown Up' all for a score. Once they're gone, they're gone. Making room for new stock.

John Fahey - A Song a Day

During the month of February 2017, Kris uploaded an instrumental song a day to his You Tube channel, in memory and appreciation of John Fahey. Fahey was born on February 28th 1939 and passed away on February 22nd 2001. John Fahey has been a huge inspiration to Kris, and this gives him the chance to play songs both written by the main man himself and some original tunes penned by Kris.